The Converter has always been intended for casual browsing — this information was always featured prominently on the home page. However, in time I discovered there are several people who are using the Converter for rather specific purposes: whether the purposes are professional, or related to research, or to a hobby, the default set of features included in the Converter are not enough to satisfy their needs. I decided it was high time the Converter catered to these specific needs as well. This is what the Premium version is all about.

The free version remains free, it’s not crippled in any way, and does not expire — and it remains tailored for casual browsing, as it always was. In contrast, the Premium version is intended for the more technical people who need extra features for specific purposes beyond casual browsing.
Currently, the Premium version sports the following extra features:

NEW the ability to define custom units for conversions. These are saved on the server; as such, you can use the same set of custom units on all workstations using the same license. This feature is available in Converter 1.0.9 or newer.
the ability to specify the precision for your conversions (units and currency, independently; the default is a smart rounding mechanism which ensures reasonable precision for casual browsing);
the ability to customize the expiration time for currency rates (the default is 24 hours, which should be good enough for casual browsing);
the ability to define a secondary currency, for the people who are fluent in more than one currency (e.g. USD and EUR, EUR and GBP etc);
Premium licenses include free upgrades while the license lasts, which gives you acces to all new premium features during that time.

Last but not least, I always thought that since a person buys a license, and a person uses the license, the license should be bound to people, not computers. As such, one license can be installed on any number of computers, as long as it’s used by a single user.

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