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Version 1.2.6
This page lists all versions of the Converter ever released. The history goes back before the first release on AMO, and old versions even work with Firefox 1.0 (all versions prior to 0.8.0).

You can use this page any time to roll back to an older version if you encounter problems with the current version of the Converter (if that’s the case, please drop me a line and let me know about that bug).

Version Date Release notes

1.2.6 2015-02-10 This release fixes a minor user interface issue identified by the AMO team during code review.

1.2.5 2015-02-09 This is a minor release which fixes a bug in the currency converter, caused by the changes in version 1.2.4.

1.2.4 2015-02-05 This version fixes an issue with premium licenses, it provides a minor performance improvement, and it allows premium users to keep blocking cookies to third party web sites.

1.2.3 2012-12-29 This version fixes a rather academic issue, as indicated by the AMO team.

1.2.2 2012-12-19 This is a minor release which fixes a single major bug introduced in version 1.2.0.

1.2.1 2012-12-18 This is a minor release, fixing a few small bugs in version 1.2.0.

1.2.0 2012-12-15 This version features a lot of minor changes which, combined, required a major rewrite. Most of the changes in this version are little things I’ve been postponing literally for years, so I’m extremely excited that I was finally able to find the time and implement them. Enjoy!

1.1.3 2012-12-08 Minor release, fixes a small glitch

1.1.2 2012-08-26 Minor release, fixes currency conversions

1.1.1 2011-10-11 Minor release, with a bug fix and a couple of minor features.

1.1.0 2011-10-01 Minor release, which features one minor security fix and supports several new formats.

1.0.9 2010-10-17 An intermediary version, not released on AMO.

1.0.0 2010-09-23 This is a major release, featuring several significant changes. This version also introduces the Premium version.

0.9.3 2009-12-05 This release contains mostly bug fixes, but a couple of new features as well.

0.9.0 2009-11-19 This release contains several improvements, mostly by popular demand, plus some fixes of all kinds.

0.8.6 2009-05-07 This is a minor release containing a single bug fix — the next full release I’m working on takes more than I expected, and what with the Converter being featured at AMO at the time, I decided to release this one ahead of time.

0.8.5 2009-04-16 This release improves currency support, adds a couple of requested features related to the interface and fixes a few bugs.

0.8.0 2009-04-12 This is a major release containing significant changes.
0.7.9 2009-04-06 This release contains several minor improvements.

0.7.8 2009-03-31 This release contains no visible changes (or at least I hope so).

0.7.7 2009-04-25 This release contains several minor improvements.

0.7.6 2009-04-15 This release contains a few minor bug fixes.

0.7.5 2009-02-15 This release sports a couple of new features, plus a Firefox version bump

0.7.1 2008-08-03 This release features minor bug fixes, although a known bug still persists.

0.7.0 2007-10-15 This release brings significant stability improvements, several bug fixes and one new conversion.

0.6.5 2007-05-20 This version features one relatively minor improvement.

0.6.4 2007-04-30 This version features one bug fix and partial support for superscript notation.

0.6.3 2007-04-13 This version only features one bug fix.

0.6.2 2007-03-03 This version only features a couple of new conversions, mostly related to the automotive industry.

0.6.1 2006-10-29 This version features relatively minor, mostly cosmetic improvements over the previous one.

0.6.0 2006-10-22 This version features several improvements over the previous one, and a few relatively important bug fixes.

0.5.5 2006-10-07 This version focuses on both bug fixes and improvements. No spectacular changes have taken place, but there are some significant advances nevertheless.

0.5.1 2006-09-26 This version features no functional improvements — the only change is support for Firefox 2.0.x

0.5.0 2006-09-16 This version’s improvements are almost exclusively focused on increasing the number of supported informal formats used for measurements across the web.

In previous versions, the efforts have been concentrated on two directions: (a) bug fixing, and (b) supporting the more rigorously formatted measurements. It has been proven however that not all people use rigorous formats—on the contrary, many use non-standard formats. That is why this version is considered a major release, with dramatic increases in the number of “hits” when converting arbitrary web pages.

0.2.6 2006-09-04 Fixed a regular expression which was causing problems on some pages. Thanks to Jack for reporting and working towards replicating this problem!

0.2.5 2006-07-18 Added Gallon→Litre, Litre→Gallon, Pascal→Psi, KPascal→Psi, Psi→KPascal

0.2.4 2006-04-26 Fixed a bug in Imperial distance processing (lengths larger than 4 km were inadvertedly converted

to miles*100). Thanks to Dick for reporting this!

0.2.3 2006-03-26 Added icon

0.2.2 2006-03-26 Bug fix for the “10 foot 5 inches” format

0.2.1 2006-03-26 Extension update support — thanks to Przemyslaw Bialik a.k.a /\/\axx for pointing me in the right direction, and obviously thanks to Eric for the tutorial itself.

0.2.0 2006-03-26 Support for full page conversion (suggested by HCdeJong), support for a couple of new units (kg and g), new formats (10-foot, 15′ 10″, 1 foot 10 inches), and tightening of the previously supported formats.

0.1.0 2004-01-18 First public release

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