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  1. GeoGebra-

Geogebra app has a simple programming interface that makes it very easy to develop graphs and shapes. The graphs int eh app can be created by dragging and dropping shapes and get the complete power to manipulate the graphs using your finger.

  1. MyScript Calculator-

The biggest problem everyone faces while trying to solve a math problem is with a calculator app which is entering the data using the on-screen buttons. Most people are used to writing and solving math equations on paper, so by switching to an on-screen button can make things harder, unless if you use the Myscript app. This app allows you to use your hand to enter equations by which these equations are converted into a digital equation.

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  1. Calculator by ASUS-

The calculator app by ASUS uses the big buttons and also multiple themes to make it easier for the user to input data. The app even includes quick swipe gestures that allow quick access to different operators. The app also can tilt the phone to switch between standard and scientific modes.

  1. Calculator by Google-

This app is basic calculator perfect for everyday use but what makes it the best is its amazing simple design and smooth working. On the app you can do basic math calculation such as multiplication, division, subtraction, etc. and also solve few scientific operations like trigonometry,  logarithm, constant and exponentials.

  1. CalcTape-

CalcTape is another app that also uses a Notepad-like interface, but the app uses the same classic type method of showing results under the input. The app is best at doing math problems and even lets you check the changes in real-time so you can edit the results if you needed.


  1. Calculator Plus-

The calculator Plus App has a program that is very similar to a handheld digital calculator. The app can do many functions that you need quick calculations. It also offers a memory feature that allows you to store and recall calculations from the past.

  1. Calculator ++-

This app provides a standard mode that offers the basic math calculations tools along with multi-digit support, other basic math tools, one-tap copy/paste. In the app, there is an engineer mode that helps you to use advanced tools to solve problems like powers, logarithms, trigonometry.

  1. CALCU-

The CALCU app is known for customizing your calculator’s looks and its layout. This app even gives various themes that can completely change the look of the calculator even the fonts, design and style. The app can also customize its button layout so it can keep the most used operators handy.


  1. One++-

This app includes an extensive collection of various formulas to solve math, economic and physics equations. You can also use this app to find solutions to problems such as light, body mass, rhombus, velocity, and over a thousand other formulas.

  1. CalcNote-

This app gives a Notepad-like structure, where your equations are listed in eh left half and the calculations in the right half. It is the best half to manage your account and finances as the app lets you use advanced math operators and calculate it instantly as you type.


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