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Commercial support for Converter was discontinued; this is now an open-source project. If you're a developer, and you're interested to join this project, please hop over to the project's GitHub repository.
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New features

WARNING! Do not convert this page until you've read what you're interested in—most of the explanations will be messed up and they will become very hard to follow!

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Older version: 1.0.9
Newer version: 1.1.1

New features in Converter 1.1.0

Minor release, which features one minor security fix and supports several new formats.

Type Feature Example Comment
hardening Superfish disabled on secure pages n/a The Converter now disables the Superfish functionality unconditionally on secure pages (i.e. regardless of whether you have it enabled or disabled). Thanks Calvin for pointing this out.
new format Support for p 100 p Added support for "p", the currency sign for Russian rubles (thanks vladvilisov for pointing this out).
new format Alternative format for fl. oz. 10 fl.oz New variation for old unit (thanks Raluca for pointing this out).
new format Alternative format for stones 10 st New variation for old unit (thanks Lorinda for pointing this out).
new formats Alternative foot/inch symbols
  • 5′ 9″
  • 5’ 9″
Characters ′, ’, and ″ are Unicode characters, all different from characters ' and " (although they look very much alike). They are not actually intended to be used for measurements, but people have been found to use them in the wild, so I implemented support for them.