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New features

WARNING! Do not convert this page until you've read what you're interested in—most of the explanations will be messed up and they will become very hard to follow!

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Older version: 0.9.0
Newer version: 1.0.0

New features in Converter 0.9.3

This release contains mostly bug fixes, but a couple of new features as well.

Type Feature Example Comment
new preference Default unit for contextual conversions n/a

You can now define a default unit for contextual conversions. This is useful if you frequently encounter the same kind of measurement (or currency) that the Converter can convert, but fails to identify. Thanks Máté for suggesting this, and for taking the time to explain it.

For instance it can be useful for converting US dollars, if marked as "$", or identified by a localized name. (For US dollars you have to fill in USD in that preference.)

Note: proper dollar support (when marked as "$") is still planned, this is a temporary solution for that problem, and a permanent solution for localized names.

capability Support for knots and nautical miles
  • 10 knots
  • 10 nautical miles
These units are now supported. Thanks Doug, George, Calvin for suggesting these units.
improvement Re-adjusted the Imperial units for distance
  • 1.79 m
  • 300 m
  • 1.5 km
The conversions in the examples were performed correctly, but the resulting units were counter-intuitive and/or rather clumsy. The values are now shown in a (hopefully) more intuitive manner. Please let me know if further adjustments are needed. Thanks Nathan for suggesting this.
minor capability Support for Zulu time
  • 12:34Z
  • 12:34:45Z
The examples are now properly converted. Ironically, support for Zulu time has actually always been there, but a bug prevented this particular conversion from ever kicking in. So this is technically a bug fix, but since nobody ever saw this conversion working I tagged it as a new capability. Thanks Pete for noticing/suggesting this.
minor restructuring Conversions from Nm to in-lbs and ft-lbs are more standard
  • 1 Nm
  • 100 Nm

Conversions from Newton-metres was implemented in a rather awkward, very specific manner, which resulted in atypical rounding and presentation (the values were always shown in both in-lbs and ft-lbs, regardless of how high or how low the actual values were).

The results are now treated in a more consistent manner, which leads to two effects: the converted values are now only shown in in-lbs or ft-lbs, depending on magnitude, and the precision of the conversion is now consistent with the precision of all other conversions. This usually results in lower precision than in previous versions. Let me know if this is an inconvenience.

bug fix Preferences are now properly applied n/a

In some situations, changing the preferences required opening a new window for the new preferences to take effect. Now preferences are only cached for short periods of time, which makes them instantly available for new conversions.

Note: Old conversions are still unaffected by changes in preferences, this bug fix is only related to when the changes take effect after being applied.

bug fix Converting documents with frames now works properly n/a Some features in the Converter were behaving in unexpected ways for documents containing frames (most notably Converter's contextual pop-up menu entry's label was almost random). This was fixed, the behavior is now consistent irrespective of frames.
bug fix Rounding errors fixed (presentation only) 99.97 inches The value in the example was properly converted, but improperly presented. Converting that value with all confirmations on resulted in 99.97 inches (1 in = 2.54 m) (notice how the result was correct, but the value in inches was way off). Thanks Giedrius for reporting this.
minor bug fix Fixed a minor problem with matching some units
  • 10 newton metres
  • 10 square meters
The Converter properly converted these units, but it only matched the singular part of the unit. The result was ugly, e.g. 10 newton metre (10 Nm = 7.38 ft-lb)s (notice the trailing s). No more.
improvement hardening n/a There was one last call to JavaScript eval() which I missed in version 0.9.0. That's now gone as well.
minor restructuring Code unification n/a The Converter now seamlessly shares all of its logic with the Edget. This required some code restructuring in the Converter, but that shouldn't affect end users in any way.