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Commercial support for Converter was discontinued; this is now an open-source project. If you're a developer, and you're interested to join this project, please hop over to the project's GitHub repository.
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New features

WARNING! Do not convert this page until you've read what you're interested in—most of the explanations will be messed up and they will become very hard to follow!

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Older version: 0.7.9
Newer version: 0.8.5

New features in Converter 0.8.0

This is a major release containing significant changes.

Type Feature Example Comment
major capability currency conversions
  • 2 USD
  • 5.6 GBP
  • 11.300,5 EUR

In order to use this feature you need to choose your preferred currency in the options dialog.

Some currency conversion capabilities have been implemented in the Converter. The number of formats is rather limited right now, but the values themselves are correct -- currency rates are retrieved from Google every six hours, on a need to use basis (i.e. there is a caching system in place which stores currency rates for six hours, but no pre-fetching is performed).

The Converter currently only recognizes the ISO names for the currencies (as seen in the examples), and does not yet recognize any informal formats ($10, 20 €, £15, and so on). For such formats you can use the next feature, at least as a temporary solution.

Disabling currency conversion capabilities inhibits all tests and background connections related to currency conversions, so if you don't want to use this capability you can completely turn it off without incuring any overhead.

feature custom convert selection n/a A new option is now available, "Custom convert selection". If this is enabled (default), selecting text and clicking on the Converter entry in the pop-up menu will trigger a custom conversion of the selected text.

This is useful if you encounter measurements the Converter supports but doesn't understand, e.g. "$1273.8" or "Will Smith may be 6-2 but I'm not sure". You can then easily adjust the format to something the Converter understands ("1273.8 USD", or "1283.8 AUD", or whatever, and "Will Smith may be 6'-2 but I'm not sure"), and then use the next feature to trigger the conversion and close the window.

If this is enabled, even clicking on a properly converted measurement will trigger a custom conversion (notice the suspension points appended to the measurement). This could be useful if you wanted to compare measurements (plus, the menu entry previously didn't trigger any action, so this doesn't effectively change anything).

minor improvement added keyboard shortcuts in windows n/a In the custom conversion window you can now trigger the conversion with ALT+C or Ctrl+Enter, you can close the window with Esc, you can toggle single conversions with ALT+S, and you can open the options window with ALT+O. The options window can be closed with Enter ("OK") or Esc ("Cancel"). Thanks Casey for the suggestion.
capabilities new formats and combinations of formats
  • 6 ft 2
  • 6 foot 2.5
  • 6ft2
  • 6'1.5"
  • 6 ft 1.5 IN
  • 6`2
  • 5'11.5
  • 6'0.5-6'2
  • 6ft2.5
  • 6ft 1/2
  • 10 p.m.
These formats wouldn't have been recognized by previous versions of the Converter; now they are. Thanks Eduardo for the suggestion.
minor improvement the single conversion option is now persistent n/a In the custom conversion window, the single conversion option is now persistent across sessions. Thanks Casey for the suggestion.
minor improvement proper focus on reopening windows n/a If you have the options or custom conversion windows open in the background and use the pop-up menu to reopen them, they are now properly brought to the foreground. Thanks Casey for the suggestion.
obsolete removed support for ancient Firefox n/a Removed support for Firefox 1.0.x browsers -- now only Firefox 2.0+ is supported. Firefox 2.0 itself is not supported by Mozilla any more since the beginning of 2009, so I don't think I'm actually affecting anyone with this change.
internal improvement release handling n/a Improved the way the Converter is dealing with new versions. There are now three types of releases: minor (where you don't even get prompted whether you want to learn about new features), normal (where you do get prompted), and major (where you are directed to the new features page unconditionally).

New installations now get unconditionally directed to the welcome page, which has been streamlined to show relevant information for new users.

minor internal improvement further streamlined atoms n/a Further streamlined the parsing atoms, which translates to improved performance, easier addition of new atoms, and more flexible code. There should be no observable effect for the end users though, because the performance improvement is only marginal and everything else is internal.
minor improvement regression test versioning n/a The regression test page now features a prominent warning if you're trying to test against a version it wasn't intended for. The notice is only visible in Converter 0.8.0+.