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Commercial support for Converter was discontinued; this is now an open-source project. If you're a developer, and you're interested to join this project, please hop over to the project's GitHub repository.
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New features

WARNING! Do not convert this page until you've read what you're interested in—most of the explanations will be messed up and they will become very hard to follow!

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Older version: 0.7.8
Newer version: 0.8.0

New features in Converter 0.7.9

This release contains several minor improvements.

Type Feature Example Comment
new format improving support for wacky Imperial 3-3/8-Inch Yes, someone actually encountered that in the wild (thanks Edy)
minor improvement addressed false positive 1811-1821 The example would have been treated as a timestamp in previous versions of the Converter (i.e. it was being assumed to be a military time followed by a timezone, like 1200+0300, which would be noon in my Eastern European summer time).
The Converter now tightens that assumption by only recognizing proper timezone formats. That still produces false positives but to a lesser degree (and it's pretty much unavoidable), e.g. in a text reading "1100-1130 people were there" the Converter would still assume "1100-1130" to be 11:00 AM in some hypothetical UTC-11:30 timezone (incidentally, timezone UTC+11:30 actually exists, but UTC-11:30 isn't used).
minor improvement Options button in custom conversion dialog n/a The custom conversion dialog now sports an Options button. You still need to re-convert upon changing your options, but at least you don't need to fish for the options dialog in the pop-up menu.
minor improvement bling n/a Added icons for all of the pop-up menus - hopefully these will help usability for intensive users.
consistency internal URLs match website URLs n/a Several URLs had to be adjusted in the code following the website restructuring. Now they all point to the right places. Also, since the website now fully conforms to HTML 4.01/Strict I needed to change some assumptions in the regression tests page, which obviously had to be mirrored in the code.
internal bug fix bug in regression testing fixed n/a Fixed a bug related to regression testing (even if some tests failed, the overall result used to be success).
internal improvement rewrote parsing atoms n/a Having been pumped up towards code rewrites by the AMO guys and by my redesigning the website, I have finally rewritten the internal parsing atoms, something I've been postponing for a while. This doesn't affect end users in any way, but makes future debugging somewhat easier.