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About Converter

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Version 1.2.3

Converter is the contextual unit converter, currency converter and timezone converter for Firefox — experience the web with familiar metrics!

Converter is a no-thrills tool. It aims to be intuitive for the average user during casual text reading. You can't specify the precision[1]. You can't tweak the resulting units. You don't get the results in several formats. If you need any of that fancy stuff for scientific purposes you should probably use another tool.

How it works

The operation is as simple as possible, and it works in three distinct ways:

Single conversion on selection
Select a piece of text containing a measurement and right click: the converted value will be shown in the resulting pop-up menu.
Page conversion
Left-click on the Converter icon in the bottom-right corner: all measurements in the current web page are converted.
Custom conversions
Expand the Converter pop-up menu by clicking on the arrow next to its icon and choose "Custom conversion"—this way you can even convert offline measurements!

Check it out: install Converter, and after restarting the browser select this entire paragraph and right click: 0.1 in = 2.54 mm is shown in the popup menu (that's because "0.1 in" is the first dimension encountered in this paragraph).

Here's a small video of Converter in action, produced by the guys at The Firefox Addons:


Here's a comprehensive list of Converter's main features:

[1] You can specify the precision in the Premium version, starting with Converter 1.0.0.